Benefits of a Van Roof Rack

You may think that a commercial van would be an ideal form of transport for a family holiday. What better way to get to from home to Dover then over to France than a commercial van? Think of all of the wine that you could bring back. All of that space in the rear that will allow for red, white and rose wine will make the trip worth while. But what if you want more space for things like clothes? Well other than upgrading the van for a larger size, which could cost you more than you wanted to pay there is another way.

A roof rack provides you with the basis to get some extra space that you might need. Factory fitted or one bought from a local motoring supply store, each will enable the used of such things as roof boxes. This is a cost effective way of getting additional space in a van that you have out grown. The extra space that a roof box allows will provide storage for other things that you can’t quite fit in the vehicle.

Of course you don’t have to get a roof box to get the most of the roof rack. Many commercial van users have the roof rack to transport things such as ladders and other tools necessary to do their jobs. It can also be used for carrying timber that you would not necessarily be able to fit into the back of the van. Any materials will need to be securely fastened to the roof rack to ensure it is legal and safe to use.

It’s not only commercial van users that benefit from a roof rack but also people off on holiday. As well as the extra space for wine that the roof rack and roof box combo can offer the roof rack can also be adapted to sit push bikes on top. This is ideal for anyone who likes their biking holidays yet doesn’t want to cycle all the way to the country that they are heading to. You must remember that this will increase the height of your vehicle, so low bridges and multi story car parks might be worth avoiding.

For advice on roof racks, roof boxes and roof mounted cycle carriers speak to a professional.

Like Riding a Bike – The Amsterdam Way of Life

Over recent years, Amsterdam has proved one of Europe’s most popular short break destinations, and the perfect place to go for a relaxing escape from the tension and stress of city life. And yet, Amsterdam itself is a major city – so what makes it different from other European metropolises? Quite simply, it’s the relaxed approach to life that separates Amsterdam from other European capitals, and what makes Amsterdam the perfect place to go to get away.

This way of life is perhaps symbolised best in Amsterdam’s preferred form of travel: the bicycle. There are apparently more than a million bikes in Amsterdam, and when you consider that the population of the city is estimated at around about the same number, you begin to realise that the natives of the city are serious about being seriously easy-going! And yes, it may require more energy and take more time than driving or taking the tube – but when you’ve got all the time in the world, you can afford to take it!

As well as symbolising the relaxed attitude to city life, bikes also provide one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful and artistic city. There are a number of stunning, bike-friendly parks and squares dotted through the city, including the famous Dam Square, the tranquil home of the Dutch Royal Palace, and the Vondelpark, which is perfectly situated near three major museums; the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk, and the ever-popular Van Gogh Museum.

As relaxing as a stress-free Amsterdam-style bike ride may be, a boat ride around Amsterdam’s famous canal system (which gives Amsterdam the deserved nickname of Venice of the North) is another great way to experience the beauty of the city – in particular the stunning 17th century architecture that lines the canal in the centre of the city. A boat ride also offers the chance to see some of the more modern examples of the Amsterdam school of architecture, in particular buildings such as Renzo Piano’s NEMO building, while Amsterdam’s centre of science, which is in the shape of a ship’s bow is an allusion to the Dutch Golden Age when Amsterdam’s was one of the most important ports in the world.

As well as being a great city to tour by bike or boat, Amsterdam is a great place to just walk around and soak in the culture, whether it’s wondering the famously friendly Red Light District or relaxing in one of the cities many relaxed, chilled-out coffee shops. Also, as is fitting for a capital city, Amsterdam is also home to fantastic museums, art galleries and venues that promote the history and culture of one of Europe’s most popular and friendly cities. There are also a wide array of fantastic restaurants and hotels in Amsterdam to suit every taste and budget.

So if you’re in need of a break, there’s no better place to visit than Amsterdam, where life’s as easy as riding a bike – and just as unforgettable!

4 Ways to Ensure You Get the Right Courier Van Insurance

Finding the right courier van insurance is relatively simple if you use the internet to your advantage. Gone are the days of walking down the high street to go from door to door to find which high street insurance company is offering the best deals.

Now search engines have taken over, with a simple search online you can find the right courier van insurance policy for your needs. Just fill out the application form and send it off and with hours you will find quotes in your mailbox.

Here are a few key points that you need to consider when finding the right insurance for your courier business:

  1. Ensure you buy the right insurance for your business. As courier bike insurance is very different from bike insurance even though you are using the same bike the coverage you require will not be the same.
  2. If you are carrying goods on behalf of your clients then you will need goods in transit insurance included with the policy. Having this insurance will ensure you are covered but there will be a financial limit to these goods and certain restrictions on what you can carry.
  3. Obtain more than one quote before picking your courier van insurance policy. By comparing the quotes you will see which insurers will give what type of coverage and of course the premiums involved. By using an online courier van insurance broker you can save time and money as they will do the work for you and find the best quote to suit your needs. Comparison websites will do same thing as brokers and are an ideal tool to search websites too.
  4. Understand the level of insurance in your policy. Minimum level is third party and this will be the cheapest level of insurance but this will not cover your van if you have caused the accident. The next level is Third party fire and theft which is basically the same as third party but covers fire damage as well. Finally you can get comprehensive insurance which covers all of the above and repair of your vehicle if an accident happens.

By using these key points above you will be prepared with the information required to find the right courier van insurance for your business. Just remember to use the search engines to your advantage and carefully compare all quotes for your courier insurance for your van before choosing the right policy for your business.