Intelligent Optics Video Camera Glasses: The Intelligent Option to a Bike Mounted or Helmet Camera

You may recall last year the BBC featured an article online and on TV regarding cyclists in London combating bad driving with the use of helmet cameras. Cyclist Ben from London famously portrayed one particular event where a van driver caused him to have an accident and then proceeded to jump out the van to confront him and verbally abuse him.

Cyclists use Helmet Cameras to capture bad driving during their daily commute.

Luckily Mr Porter was wearing a helmet camera and he captured the incident on film, allowing the police to secure a conviction against the van driver. There are around 17,000 injuries every year and 2009 saw 104 deaths of cyclists on the roads, using a camera to capture footage of bad drivers is a good way of ensuring that drivers take notice of cyclists and perhaps give them a little bit more respect and be more considerate on the roads.

Who knows you could end up in court or appearing on TV if you aren’t!

A different type of helmet camera

Helmet cameras are a bulky device which attaches to your helmet via straps, or to a chest harness or handlebar rig. Although functional it does mean additional weight and/or an attachment to your body or bike. Almost all cyclists wear glasses, so with the development of digital camera technology, Intelligent Optics have developed the iO Classic Series Video Camera Glasses.

These stylish sunglasses feature a high quality camera in the nose bridge of the sunglasses, allowing you to record footage of whatever you happen to be looking at. Ideal for creating a video record of a cycling trip, downhill run, red route at a trail centre, or for a video diary of your city commute. As the camera is incorporated in the sunglasses there is no need for an additional bolt on helmet cam or chest rig.

Introducing the iO Classic Series Camera Glasses

The Intelligent Optics Camera Glasses are very stylish eyewear camera glasses with a colour video camera hidden within the frame, which allows you to record high quality video footage onto the inbuilt personal video recorder.

The IO Classic Series video camera sunglasses with built in sound and video recording are ideal for outdoor pursuits such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and climbing as well as for surveillance purposes.

These sun glasses with a camera are perfect for recording in-car footage or for watching all forms of motorsports. Whether you are watching a grand prix, driving on a race circuit, or touring through a mountain pass you can record stunning footage with Intelligent Optics glasses camera.

The in-built spy video camera recorder will record sound and high quality video for up to 5hours as well as high quality sound when required. These glasses feature Polarized and toughened lenses ensure perfect vision for extreme sports and also ideal for driving.

The iO Classic Series camera glasses are rechargeable, simply plug into the mains and recharge for a typical battery life of up to 4 hours constant use. Perfect for investigative journalists and estate agents as well as mystery shoppers looking to make a video record of what they witness.

Instead of using a bulky helmet camera, these camera glasses are ideal for cyclists who wish to record a video record of their commute in traffic in case of dangerous drivers or incidents.

Versatile: These spy glasses or video camera sunglasses are a cool design, and are ideal for recording footage of sports activity. Whether you are climbing a rock face, or sessioning a red route at a mountain bike trail centre, the Intelligent Optics eyewear camera glasses will allow you to record video and sound footage.

Easy to Use: Wear the IO Classic camera glasses as you would your normal sunglasses, and with the press of a button you turn them on and off and can record video and sound.

Upgradeable Memory: The Classic Series eyewear uses a micro SD memory card to record your stills and video footage. This can be expanded from the included 2gb (which gives up to 5 hours recording) to 16Gb

High Quality Video: A still resolution of 1280 x 960 and a video resolution of 640×480 at 30 frames per second ensures your video of active sports such as road sportive cycling.

Powerful Battery: A rechargeable Li-Polymer battery provides up to 4hours of constant use per 3hour charge. Simply plug into the mains when the battery is low to recharge.

Easy Connection: No drivers needed, simply plug in your camera glasses to your PC or Laptop and download stills and video footage to playback at home. AVI Video Format, JPG Picture Format.

Supplied Accessories: 2gb Micro SD card included for up to 5hrs Video Recording. User Manual, Protective Carrying Case, Cleansing Cloth, and USB Cable.

You can find our more about these Video Camera Glasses on our website.

Self Guided Bike Tour

Self guided bike tours are a great way to visit a foreign country. It takes a certain spirit of adventure to attempt a self guided bike tour, but many riders already have this kind of confidence and adventuresome spirit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of tour versus one that is guided? Of course not having the guides along with a support van is certainly the most obvious drawback. The guides can essentially “take care” of the guests during the sejour. They can up to a point, that is. If they have a large group it is hard to give everyone individual attention. For people who do not wish to ride their bicycle the entire route or for part of a day, for example, they can hitch a ride in the support van, if there is room. Also, some people just like to be part of a group and follow along behind whoever is in front without having to try and read directions and figure out where they are on the day’s itinerary. Normally the guides will speak at least a bit of the language of the country they are in, so having someone available to translate can come in handy from time to time. Also, if you are single, especially a single female in a foreign country, a group tour is probably a better choice.

The biggest fear when taking a self guided cycling tour is getting lost. But here is a secret known only to bike riders who have gone on guided tours. People get lost on guided bike tours as well! This happens all the time, and it is unusual for an entire day to go by without someone taking a wrong turn and having to double back and find the rest of the group. On the other hand cyclists who know they themselves are responsible for following the directions they have been given and who have nobody else to rely on in any case are more likely to be attentive and normally won’t make too many wrong turns.

On self guided bicycle tours you will be given a suggested itinerary, and of course you are free to go wherever you like. You can stay as long as you want visiting quaint villages, wineries, interesting shops, castles or museums, and you aren’t obligated to keep up with the group if a few people have other interests and want to move on before you do. You can eat all your meals whenever you want and don’t have to worry about meeting times with the group.

But the biggest advantage of self guided biking tours is the cost. The price will typically be about half that of a similar guided tour. In these days of the weak U.S. dollar, that is a big advantage, as some guided bike tours cost upwards of $5,000 per person or even much more. With self guided tours you can stay in the same luxury hotels, eat the same great meals, and see the same sights. If an adventurous vacation experience sounds appealing, self guided bike tours are worth considering.

Ford Release E-Bike Concept

The Frankfurt motor show takes place each year and attending motor companies often use the exhibition to showcase new releases and even concept models to delight the crowds. The Ford motor group are often behind many of the new releases at the show and this year has been no exception. Alongside the many additions and new models at the car giants stall in Frankfurt, a very different sized prototype was on show, with Ford’s latest concept, an “E-bike”.

The project has been designed to show how Ford as a company can translate their design language to a bike rather than a larger 4 wheeled vehicle. Sadly, Ford have stated that they do not have any plans to produce the bike but will continue to study and work on the concept as it may well help with future mobility issues.

The design of the bike was undertaken by a team of people led by Martin Smith who is the executive design director of Ford and ran in partnership with the company “Cyber-Wear”. The bike is designed to appeal to both male and female riders by the team behind many of Ford’s top lifestyle collection ranges. The frame is a trapezium profile and is constructed from both aluminium and carbon materials giving it a lightweight mass but with also an impressive strength. The wheel design features six spokes that give the appearance of them floating around the frames body,

As mentioned the bike is powered by electricity and utilises cutting edge technology to deliver a very minimalistic profile. The drive system is hidden within the workings of the front wheel and is powered by a lithium power cell that is stored within the bikes frame. The e-bike has been tested and is noted for being able to travel 85 kilometres (50 miles approx.) before requiring to be recharged.

Not only have Ford developed their concept bike using engineers and designers from the motor sector, they have also incorporated hardware from already leading cycling companies such as Shimano.

Electric bikes have become extremely popular and are overtaking traditional bicycles in some markets. With over 120million e-bikes in china alone you can certainly see how fast and rapidly the market is developing. Depending upon which country you live in you will find that laws differ when it comes to e-bikes; in some countries they are classed as just normal bicycles meaning they do not have very much legislation attached to them regarding road use.